Paul designed his first product while working in his Dad’s hardware store. “What is a hardware store but a whole store full of hacks!”

One of Paul's favourite designs is part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The MESH trash can was conceived as an alternative to solid vessels through the use of stainless steel as the base material. “Challenging technology can result in innovative design. In this case the material was difficult to weld into a 3D object but once we overcame that, the results were ethereal.”

The steam bent wood magazine rack was an exercise in creating a functional object using the simplest of form. “One primary shape that is bolted together to form a functioning  magazine rack was the mission. The result is classic.

Designing a product a day has been Paul’s mantra. 

“There some beautiful and intelligently designed objects and spaces in the world. The problem is there are too few. That condition gives us endless opportunities for design.”

Paul has designed and produced thousands of products over his career. He formed his  design-centric  business philosophy in the ‘80s when there was a dearth of good design for the home. These days good design is considered essential for innovative businesses.